The 30th Annual General Meeting of the Cherrybrook Chinese Community Association was successfully completed

The 30th Anniversary Association of the Cherrybrook Chinese Community Association was held at the Castle Terrace Chinese Cuisine in Castle Hill on August 31st.

There were more than forty people present. First of all, President Jenny Lau gave a welcome speech. The General Assembly then adopted the minutes of the 29th Annual General Meeting and the 2018-2019 Financial Report. In the meeting, the executive members of the association from 2019 to 2020 were elected, and the positions were elected by the new members.

The results are as follows:

President: Jenny Lau
Vice President: Stephen Lang
Treasurer: Dennis Loh
English Secretary: K L Chau
Chinese Secretary: Polly Chen
Information Technology: James Fong
EYD: Ken Ng
Activities: Pauline Lau, Peter Tong

The commitee appointed the following office positions:
Public Relations: Daisy Wong
Hon. Auditor: Edward Yeow
Hon. Legal Adviser: Keith Chow

Afterwards we all have a meal together and have a good time.