Principal’s Message

Recent Developments of the CCCA Chinese Language School, 2021

We say goodbye to 2020 and now welcome the year 2021.

Looking back to 2020, our school, like others, experienced many challenges during last year. 2020 school year started with COVID-19 began to flourish in Australia. Following the advice from the Department of Education, classes were immediately suspended.  Sadly, the decision provided a lot of challenges and unexpected difficulties to parents and teachers.  Since June, the school commenced online teaching, for those children with English as their mother-tongue, no doubt, had trouble in learning Chinese language online as they were deprived of the direct face-to-face guidance from their teachers. While the parents and students were at a loss of not knowing how to adapt.  Our teachers also put their best effort utilizing network resource to improve students’ understanding of the Chinese language. With the help from parents, the plan of term 2 online tests was completed.

Our school’s teaching philosophy always adheres to both teaching and learning, teaching is amazing.  As soon as the pandemic was slowed down gradually during the holiday break in term two, we took the opportunity to provide face-to-face catch-up lessons.  It was glad to see that no student was absent during this holiday break.

Back to school on the first day, the students greeted each other, teachers carefully followed the teaching plan to commence their teaching.  Ultimately, the full session of 36 weeks per calendar year were completely administered. Despite the hinderance of the pandemic, our school overcame the difficulty and persevered to create excellent outcome.

During 2020, Level 6 students, representing Australia, participated in a Film and Television Oral Dubbing competition, and scored good results.  Mervyn Wang was awarded the Australian Personal Champion in this competition.  In addition, students in grade 6 and Teenager classes who participated in the Chinese HSK 4th grade examination also scored excellent results as well.

After the trying experience of the 2020 pandemic, teachers and students cherish the luxury of face-to-face teaching and learning environment. The whole school values this learning atmosphere.

In 2021, our school is ready to comprehensively improve the quality of education. The Association will provide school with electronic teaching equipment. Teachers will make full use of textbooks and various online media teaching resources.

In 2021, the Youth and Teenager classes of our school will strengthen their Chinese learning. The local school Chinese syllabus will be incorporated into their lessons, together with practical contents, students will be able to improve their Chinese proficiency and this can be an option for their HSC examination.

In 2021, our school will re-open a Chinese class for adults. At present, China has become the world’s second largest economy and has more frequent exchanges with other countries. In order to meet the needs of the society, our school will strive to make the school more distinctive and have higher teaching standards.

The Chinese school will commence on January 30, 2021, Chinese Language School of Cherrybrook Chinese Community Association welcomes old and new students. While teachers whole-heartedly carry out their teaching, students may then fully enjoy their learning.

Principal: Guo Xiaohong