Principal’s Message


Recent Developments of the CCCA Chinese Language School, 2017

We have quickly come to the end of the first term and from the start of this year we have seen many new students enrolled in our school. Some of these students are from our neighbourhood, and many students came to know about our school through word of mouth and recommendation by others.  This year our enrollment numbers reached approximately 150, and our school is well endorsed by students and parents alike.  This is something that our Association, principal, and teachers take comfort in.  The efforts put in last year have been well worthwhile.

There are three things in our education policy which we strive to achieve:  Firstly, for all of our students to learn the Chinese language well, and to understand Chinese culture; secondly, to develop well-rounded students who can overcome learning difficulties which they may come across, and to face up to these learning challenges; thirdly, to establish an outstanding teaching team.  Our passionate enthusiasm towards Chinese education is one of the key components to the success of our school.  Our enrollments have significantly increased this year, and this is due to the focus, conscientiousness, care and professionalism of our teachers.  We also place a strict emphasis on communication with parents via email after every lesson.  This generates a good relationship between the school and the parents, which in turn actively promotes the collaboration of parents with the school, and parents readily encourage their children to participate in various school activities.  The school puts in much effort to promote Chinese learning and to cater to the different learning needs of the students.

Chinese learning is now well regarded in Australian schools, with some schools already providing Chinese classes.  More and more has come to be expected of Community language schools and our school is adhering to the adjustments to the Australian education system to better work in conjunction with local schools.  This year our school no longer streams students into Chinese background and non-Chinese background groups, rather they are only streamed according to their ability.  Streaming classes in this way allows teachers to verbally interact more readily with their students.  Furthermore, for students with some knowledge in Chinese, teachers no longer teach only phrases from textbooks, rather developing their own theme-based lesson plans including conversation skills, debating, observation and viewpoints, in an effort to learn Chinese in a practical and lively way.  This allows students to feel that Chinese is relevant and interesting, making them more keen to learn and giving them more confidence. Students will realise that doing well in Chinese is a skill and will be an asset to them.

Our second school term commenced on April 29.  We hope that more students will come to our school to learn Chinese, and regardless of your level of Chinese, we will do our best to satisfy your learning needs.  We will use our caring, embracing, and positive attitude to make our school even better.

Principal: Guo Xiaohong