2016 Chinese Culture Land – Sydney Camp

Program Information


Interest Selection Form

Please use the following form if you have problem with downloading from your email.

Interest Selection Form

Final Grouping

We have rearranged the groups according to parents requests that we received.  9 interest groups (Clay SculptureDancing 1 & 2,  Mimic Tang DanceShadow PlayWushu 3, Wushu 1 & 2Erhu Painting Waist Drum),  will have concentrated learning. 9 general groups (Group AGroup B Group C, Group D, Group E, Group F, Group G, Group H, Group I), will learn a bit of everything.

For ease of finding out which group your child belongs to, they are also listed in alphabetical order of the child’s surname below. Students who have only given us their Chinese name is in the last link together with surnames starting with Z.

Surname A – F      Surname G – K      Surname L     Surname M – T    Surname U – Y      Surname Z & Chinese only

Rules for participation

Parents please familiarize yourselves with the following rules for participation and brief the students accordingly. The parking map shows where parking is available.

Rules for parents



The following timetable was sent to us from Shaanxi. It is meant to be a general guide for organizing group activities. There will be changes later on when the teachers get to know the students. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Please send an email to cccachineseschool@gmail.com.


Lunch Order

No more lunch order is accepted. All lunch orders have been acknowledged.  For parents who have submitted their orders, please check that their orders have been correctly received by clicking on the link below. The following lunch order has been updated with information from parents who did not find their order previously.

Updated Lunch Order

The orders are listed in Groups then ordered by name. If there is any error, please send an email to cccachineseschool@gmail.com by Friday, 16th September 2016 . We are currently making minor adjustment to the grouping of student and will advise affected parents by email.



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