Autumnal Rhymes 2017

CCCA held a concert, “Autumnal Rhymes”, in the autumn of 2012 and 2013 respectively, which was well received.

With the of support many artists , this year we decided to organize another one, Autumnal Rhymes 2017. Performances include piano, flute, erhu, string quartet, Cantonese opera, male and female vocal and band performances.

The purpose of the concert is to provide a high quality concert to hills residents and music lovers. All the performers are voluntary, and the association is grateful for the time, effort and dedication of all volunteers.

For inquiries, please call CCCA office 02-98753336 or 0416188339 Mrs. Lau.

Saturday, May 6,
From 7:30 am to 9:30 pm
Cherrybrook Technology High School MPC Hall
Adult $ 20 per person
Seniors 60+ $ 15 per person
Group of 5 or more $ 15 per person
(Entry limited to person aged 10 or above)

Ticket Office:
Cherrybrook Chinese Community Association
Cherrybrook Community & Cultural Centre
31 Shepherds Lane, Cherrybrook