7th Global Chinese Recitation Competition – Sydney Division

  • Our mission is to promote Chinese culture. We are honored to be approved as one of the co-organizers of the 7th Global Chinese Recitation Competition in Sydney. This is a very valuable experience for all students learning Chinese. Therefore we encourage all students learning Chinese to participate in this competition.

Competition Schedule

Registration – By 4 May 2024

First round – Upload video (May 5 – 12)

Adjudication – May 13 – 22

Global final – Online (May 19 – June 9)

  • We have completed the first stage of the competition. 55 students uploaded videos for the competition. 12 videos were selected for the second round competition, they were: Elisa Chen-小小蝴蝶小小花,Austin Suo-宇宙的另一边,Bella Feng-《找春天》, Jasper Chen- 红蜻蜓, Jerry Teng-满江红, Kimberley Loh-歡樂, Joyce Lee-小王子, Terence Wang-《繁星》, Oliver Xiong-颐和园, Christopher Yong- <量词歌>, Rebecca Wang-小猫钓鱼, Richard Wang-凡尔赛宫. 3 independant adjudicators were invited to select 5 videos out of the 12 for the next stage. The finalists selected and sent to Beijing for the final were: Rebecca Wang-小猫钓鱼, Joyce Lee-小王子, Terence Wang-《繁星》, Austin Suo-宇宙的另一边,Jerry Teng-满江红. Congratulations to the 5 finalists.

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Congratulations to our Minister Award winners

Caitlyn Ong – Minister Award (Junior) winner
Terence Wang – Minister Award (Senior) winner

Congratulations to our Chinese school students, Terence Wang and Caitlyn Ong for winning this year’s minister award. Terence won a Highly Commended Award for Excellence in Student Achievement in the senior section. Caitlyn won a Commended Award for Excellence in Student Achievement in the junior section.

The 34th Annual General Meeting of the Cherrybrook Chinese Community Association was successfully completed

The 34th Annual General Meeting of the Cherrybrook Chinese Community Association was held on Wednesday 30th August 2023

President Kwok Chau started the meeting by giving a welcome speech.

It was then followed by the adaptation of the Minutes of the 33rd Annual General Meeting and the 2022-2023 Financial Report.

At the meeting, executive members of the association from 2023-2024 were elected and the positions were elected by the new members. The result is as follows:

2022-23 Annual Report

2022-23 Financial Report

About the New President

At the Annual General Meeting this year, Kwok Ling Chau, also known as K.L., was elected as the President for 2020-2021.

In response to feedback from member during the AGM who would like to know more about the new president, here is a brief about him.

K.L. was our Hon Secretary since 2017. Members who participated in programs, such as, EYD, Chinese Opera Singing Group and Chinese Language School would have met him face-to-face. He was a member of the CCCA since 1995, but was unable to serve the community until 2017 due to personal and work commitments. 

Married with two children, K.L. migrated to Australia with the family from Hong Kong in 1987. Since then he worked with Overseas Telecommunication Commission (OTC), a federal organisation, as the engineering manager responsible for design and upgrade of maritime shore-to-ship radio communications system around 13 coast radio stations in Australia.  

In 1993, OTC merged with Telecom Australia, he ended up working as the project manager carrying design and construction of critical radio communications system for use by first responders, such as police, fire and ambulance until 2013. 

K.L. looks forward to meeting all the members and friends face-to-face, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.


In order to improve the efficiency of managing the Cherrybrook Chinese Community Association Inc., the Management Committee convened on 23 September 2017, have decided that all sub-groups’ (including Seniors Group) activities will now be directly managed, coordinated, organised, facilitated and financed by the Management Committee.

This edict will take effect immediately.